(i) Name and Address of the Society Aditya Manav Seva Sansthan (ii) Date of Establishment of this Society Date 08 Feb. , 2013 Registration No. 704/2007-08/jaipur (2) Details of the Chairman and Secretary of the Society (i) Mrs. Banarasi Devi is a Chairperson of the Society. She is a Socialworker having knowledge of running Educational Institutions. 3. Objectives of the Society a. Objectives of the Institution The Institute is functioning with an objective to promote and maintain academic excellence and strive and seek to cater to the global needs and the Institute would continue to adhere to its commitment to impart meaningful education for the programme. The main objectives of the Institute are: • To promote a conducive environment for the development of an individual’s personality as a professional. • To provide highly skilled and technically trained manpower in emerging areas of technology which is globally competitive • To provide the state of art infrastructure including buildings, machinery and equipment etc. to enable the faculty, staff and the students to inculcate necessary skills and import the required level of knowledge. • To provide a conducive environment to the faculty staff and the students where they could attain their objectives of teaching & learning. • To believe that the performance has everything to do with individual desires and determination to excel thereby providing a platform to unleash the dormant faculties and talents within. • To have an unflinching faith in the potential of the youth and to ignite young minds. • To cherish the Indian value system with focus on the Indian culture, traditions and heritage, imbibing the best of the West at the same time. • To support a proper harnessing of latent talents and to encourage the students to take initiatives. • To provide a learning environment in which the students are driven by the spirit of enquiry in their quest for knowledge. To grasp and imbibe the complexities of technical Education. • To recognize the significance of growth and technologies. • To understand and appreciate human differences in culture, gender and race in work place. • To provide the opportunities for the greatest possible achievement and attainment to each and every individual. • To develop skills for applying textbook knowledge to real life situations in the students. • To inculcate social responsibility among the students through participation in the community development programs. • To make the Institute a hub of academic excellence by organizing regular state and national level seminars, conferences, workshops, panel discussion and exhibitions.